Monday, March 21

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
We're working through the second week for our Lenten Cleaning Challenge and are tackling the bedrooms.  I'm posting a daily challenge on Instagram and in the Facebook group Orthodox Home.  Come and join us!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our local libraries in our area are participating in The Big Read for the month of March, and the book we're studying is The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson.  We enjoyed a play on Dickenson's life first and this week the children and I will be attending a performance of music from the time period in which she lived.  I am looking forward to it and think our recent experience of the symphony to see Peter and the Wolf will help the children appreciate it, too!

On My Nightstand
I finished reading Jane Eyre (and listening to the audio book version) on Saturday night and have been utterly bereft ever since.  I had intended it to be just a novel that I enjoyed, but ultimately it was a very religious read for me and one that I can foresee revisiting it during many future Lenten periods. 

Living Well
I went back to the antique shop for the bread plates that matched the china I bought with my birthday money.  All sixteen plates are now nestled in the dish cabinet at the ready.  I like opening up the door and spying them all stacked up there waiting for their Paschal debut.    

In the Kitchen
I realized (while in the bath last night) that I have not begun to save onion skins for the red Pascha eggs yet.  Quelle horreur!  I now have a bag dedicated to those precious bits and will be collecting them from now on...  I may even start checking the onion bins at the market for loose ones to tuck into the bags of onions we buy.


Jenny said...

I always remember things in the shower. I really need a waterproof notepad!

Unknown said...

I collect onion skins from the super market bins too! I often forget to collect them until very late into Lent, so I never have quite enough. This year, however, I started collecting onion skins this week.

Editura Iona said...

Pleas let me know how you use this skins to dye eggs.

Ligia said...

Thanks for the reminder about the onion skins, as always, I forgot :)

Emmie said...

I listened to the audio of Jane Eyre as well. I never get tired of that story!

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