Sunday, March 27

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

On My Bedside Table
As I mentioned last week, I just finished Jane Eyre and loved it.  Imagine my surprise when I saw an article in the Sunday edition of the New York Times about a new biography, Charlotte Bronte:  A Fiery Heart.  I am so looking forward to reading it!

A few years ago I saw a short documentary on a Romanian pysanky artist and enjoyed it even more last night when I saw it after having my own first experience with decorating pysanky eggs.  Have a look:

 Keeping Home
Our attic just makes me want to scream.  After we moved in to the rectory, we discovered that the previous owners had left it full of garbage and every few months I go up and struggle to drag out a few things to throw out.  There is always too much to fit into the dumpsters and I have to stop working until they are emptied a week or two later.  Along with all of the junk, the things that we have stored up there have gotten disorganized and out of control.  I am determined to empty the attic of all rubbish before the summer and this weekend my sister, Juliana, helped me take a huge step in that endeavor.  She was down for an overnight and we decided to reorganize all of the stored bins of clothing that we pass around to all of the cousins.  Once we were finished, we had one bin of clothing for each gender and each size.  While we were putting the bins upstairs I took some time to get our stored items straightened out.  Now all that is left to do is continue with my plans to get rid of all of the garbage.  It will take some time, but I am excited to have this huge task checked off of my to do list!

Grantchester is back on Masterpiece Mystery and I'm watching the first episode as I type this!

Orthodox Home
With Easter over a month before Pascha, don't forget to purchase special candy, plastic eggs, and other Paschal things before it's gone from the shops!  Hopefully you 'll be able to take advantage of some good discounts, too!

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