Wednesday, October 22

Wednesday Adventures...

I borrowed a Dorie Greenspan cookbook from the library a little while ago. She has this recipe called Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good in it and I cannot wait for our annual early Thanksgiving weekend (this year it's going to be held on November 2nd) to make it.  I figure that it'll be good because:

A.  It's a Dorie Greenspan recipe 
B.  It includes cheese and bread
C.  There's bacon crumbled up into the cheese and bread.

Can't go wrong with that trifecta!

Anyway, this cookbook was due today.  I briefly considered breaking the law and just keeping it in the library bag until November 3rd, but in kindness to others planning their Thanksgiving extravaganzas, decided that it should go back.  Of course, I decided head to the to the library just as the first cracks of thunder were heard.  The rain was torrential and the lightening was the fancy jagged kind.  It was all very exciting and much more adventurous than our usual library trips!   

It was still pretty rainy when we got home, so we lit our first fire of the season and listened to the last couple of chapters of How to Break a Dragon's Heart.  We have a fun long weekend coming up and so it was especially nice to cuddle up and relax with my little ones for a little while.

Sweet dreams, Friends!


Matushka Anna said...

That sounds so delightful!

elizabeth said...

oh what a storm!

(sounds fun/scary/exciting all in one!)

I had not known of that cookbook author... hmmmm must see if our library has it!

wonderful about the early thanksgiving dinner plans! :)

I am already dreaming of a white Christmas ... thinking of you and wishing you a very wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear about it!

Unknown said...

Just last week I told my friend that our next kitchen day was going to be French cooking. I think I'll have to get ahold of this book to help us out.

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