Thursday, October 2

Living and Learning: October...

Protection of the Mother of God
Saint Innocent
Saint Tikhon

Purchase Cold Weather Clothing for Everyone
Wash and/or air out bed linens needed for colder weather
Replace Washcloths in the the Kitchen
Stock up on Beeswax Candles for Winter Evenings
Make a batch of beeswax polish for wood
Waterproof Children's Boots
Switch from Summery Handbag to Leather One
Thoroughly Clean Car
Put away beach things: umbrella, blanket, towels, toys, etc.
Create autumn menu
Begin planning for November's Feastdays (Saint Michael and Saint Martin)
Work on Costumes for Saint Michael's Day Party
Visit large farmers market a few time before it closes for the year
Begin Serving Warming Meals
Order cord of wood for delivery
Organize Out of Season Children's Clothing
Decorate Porch with Mums, Ornamental Kale,and Pumpkins
Put Out Autumn Decorations
Tidy up the Attic

Bake with Apples and Pumpkins
Finish knitting Favorite Scarf
Knit Honey Cowl

Learning Basket Themes
Seeds and Nuts

Read Alouds

How to Train Your Dragon, Books 5 and 6
The Cricket in Times Square

Special Days
Fr John’s Namesday – 6th

Full Hunter's Moon - 8th
10th Anniversary of our Engagement – 9th
13th Dating Anniversary -10th

Grandfather's Namesday – 23rd

Practice being still and quiet during services and prayers
Practice Venerating Icons Properly
The Sign of the Cross for Button
Nature table scene
Seasonal book basket
Gather colorful Autumn Foliage for Nature Table

Work on Memorizing the Three Times Table (Sugar Plum)
Harvest Festival at local farm
Encourage imaginative play by not over-scheduling our days
Enjoy the beach and bonfires on fine days
Polish wooden toys together
Create a toy library and donate/toss items no longer needed
Weekly Library Trip
Take Morning Walks
Care for Plants and Bird Feeders
Visit the Pumpkin Farm
Pumpkin Day in Lieu of Halloween
Dip Autumn Leaves in Beeswax


Jane G Meyer said...

I love your lists! Look at all that beeswax beauty coming your way. I just stocked up myself and am ready for a turn in the season and lots of cool nights with the candle burning and the lights low :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your lists too!

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