Tuesday, September 30

Sweet Song...

This past Sunday, I pulled Sweet Song down from the shelf to share with the children in our church.  It is the second time that we have used this book about the life of Saint Romanos for our church school lesson since it has been published.  Both times, the children have been absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful story and accompanying pictures.

Sweet Song is a collaborative effort between Jane G. Meyer and Dorrie Papademetriou.  As we've come to expect from Meyer, this book is a treasure worthy of a prominent place on one's family bookshelf.  In prose that can only be described as lyrical, she tells the story of a young man struggling to read and sing during a time when hymns were often improvised.  Papademetriou's illustrations are rich, bold, and dramatically colored with detail that is simply stunning.
The job of teaching our children about the saints and our Faith has been made infinitely easier because of the efforts of Meyer and Papademetriou. We are very fortunate that they have dedicated their talent with pen and paintbrush to create such wonderful books for Orthodox families...  support their efforts by purchasing this amazing book! 

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Athanasia said...


Dorrie used her son, Roman, as the model for St. Romanos who is his patron saint. She let me see the watercolor proofs for the book. They were just beautiful. It's so nice to see others being blessed by her gift.

Dorrie is the curator and Dir. of Exhibits at a local museum where we live.

In Christ, Athanasia

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