Tuesday, July 1

Good Food Means Happy Bellies...

Today was a good kitchen day.  We started with pancakes with a bit of leftover blueberry sauce on top.  That was such a treat!  Lunch was sausage sandwiches and zucchini milano (using a zucchini and some of the first tomatoes from a friend's garden!), and I made a recipe from The Smitten Kitchen cookbook for a dinner frittata.  

I have long thought that if things are going well in one aspect of motherhood and homemaking, everything else suffers.  That was certainly the case today.  I looked like a wreak, the laundry didn't get done, and our house looked like a tornado blew through it.  But...  Our bellies were happy!  

Tomorrow is a fasting day, so maybe the laundry will get done!

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