Monday, December 30

The Fifth Day of Christmas...

We painted on canvas today...  I found a good deal on a package of them and so they became our little Twelve Days of Christmas treat this afternoon.  It was fun!  They are currently drying on our kitchen counter and I am looking forward to hanging their artwork up.  Canvases are more satisfying than a crinkly piece of paper, that is for sure!

I have been greedily watching episodes of Sherlock the past few nights.  It is an interesting show and keeps me occupied while I knit.  I've developed a bad habit of needing something to listen to/watch while I knit and this is filling in for all of the shows that are on hiatus for Christmas break right now.

A few week ago, I noticed a sweet little terracotta Nativity set on my sister's bedside table.  She told me that my godmother (who generously sends us all Christmas presents all the way from England!) gave it to her last Christmas.  Imagine my delight when I opened our Christmas parcel from Aunt Sarah last night and found the same set in my package!  Hooray!  Now I am copying my little sister and have it next to my bed.  It will have to be moved though because it has captured the attention of a certain three-year-old who promptly tucked it into his sleeper for safe keeping (??).  Luckily he was caught before it was crushed.

Tomorrow's a big day!  Sweet dreams!

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