Tuesday, December 24


Other than the stress of present buying, this Christmas Lent has been so low key.  We've stayed home a lot and have not done all of the things that we normally do, but now the frenzy starts.  The little ones and I had well-visits to the doctor today and a massive grocery shopping trip to two different stores.  Once we stumbled home at about 2, I made a bowl of popcorn, plugged in the tree, lit a fire in the hearth, and popped in Little Women.  We just lay there for two hours.

Once I got my second wind, the children and I did a very quick run through the house vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing.  They had a little dinner and were dispatched off to bed just a bit later than usual and I commenced cookie baking.  I am not great at baking cut-out cookies and normally I just skip them, but I really felt like trying them this year and so I did.  Two pounds of butter later, I have a tidy stack of chocolate sugar cookies shaped like angels and a tin full of Danish butter hearts dressed up with colored sugar.  Plus, the dough for gingerbread cookies all ready to go in the fridge!

The little ones are off to Grandma's tomorrow so that I can get as much of the Christmas cooking done as possible.  I really don't want to be in the kitchen much on Christmas, so my menu is full of things that can be made ahead of time or slow cooked all day long.  Exciting!

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