Sunday, December 1

Living and Learning: December...

Saint Alexander
Saint Nicholas
Saint Herman of Alaska
Saint Lucia
The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Finalize Plans for Little Man's Namesday and Birthday
Christmas Planning, Shopping, and Wrapping Gifts
Christmas Decorating
Christmas Tree
Nativity Preparations with Children
Perfect Stovetop Popcorn Recipe
Follow Cleaning Plan in Preparation for Nativity
Solidify Plans for the Twelve Days of Christmas
Decorate Kitchen with a Winter Jasmine Plant and a Potted Rosemary Plant

Enjoy Citrus Fruits - Oranges, Clementines, Tangerines, Grapefruit, etc.
Clean House for Nativity from Top to Bottom

Saint Nicholas

Read Alouds
Sarah, Plain and Tall
Christmas Book Basket

Special Days
Uncle Gregory's Birthday - 3rd
Little Man's Namesday - 4th
Auntie Kate's Namesday - 8th
Little Man's 3rd Birthday - 12th
Uncle Nicolas' Namesday - 19th
Full Cold Moon - 28th
Auntie Anna's Birthday and Namesday - 22nd
Lucy's Namesday - December 26th
Little Man's Hospital Homecoming Anniversary - 31st

Practice being still and quiet during services and prayers
Practice Venerating Icons Properly
The Sign of the Cross for Button

Practice Chanting The Lord's Prayer
Clearing the Table after Meals
Tidy bedrooms each morning 
Tidy the playroom each afternoon
Put Away Own Laundry
Nature table scene
Christmas book basket
Gingerbread House Party at the Bookstore
Christmas Parade
Winter Wonderland of Lights Display
Living Nativity
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Children’s Nativity Play Set
Encourage imaginative play by not over-scheduling our days
Take the children for walks in the woods
Polish wooden toys together
Attend a Performance of the Nutcracker

Attend a Performance of the Messiah
Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas

1 comment:

Mimi said...

I noticed that your family is practicing being quiet during services and prayers. My children are grown now, but I interact with many young mothers and fathers who do not have any confidence that they can teach their children to be quiet and interested during a church service. Maybe, some might enjoy it if you wrote a blog post just on this topic. I'm sure that you have some great thoughts along this line. I may do one, too.

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