Thursday, June 20

Yarn Along: 47 Weeks...

I was looking back through photographs that I have taken over the past year and found a few of that drizzly Saturday last July when we all piled in the car to go to our local yarn shop (for the first time!) to learn how to knit.  Auntie Kate was with us and is an experienced knitter and I was so glad that she was there to help me in new surroundings (she is so friendly and I am so shy!).

It has been 47 weeks since then and I cannot believe that I am a knitter!

I finally got the buttons bands right and I am now working on the first sleeve of my Tea Leaves Cardigan.  I found some buttons that I really liked for it in a fancy little yarn shop near my parent's house and Kate helped me by sewing them on while we were visiting for a few days this week.   Once I finish these sleeves I'm home free...  well, except for blocking!  I cannot believe it!

I just began reading Cold Sassy Tree and am hooked!  It is humorous and well-written and right up my alley!

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elizabeth said...

so wonderful!!! It is a joy, isen't it!

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