Sunday, December 18


In each stocking there was a pair of bright red mittens and there was a long flat stick of red-and-white-striped, pepper-mint candy, all beautifully notched along each side.

They were all so happy they could hardly speak at first. They just looked with shining eyes at those lovely Christmas presents. But Laura was the happiest of all. Laura had a rag doll."

Little House in the Big Woods
Laura Ingalls Wilder


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Kerry said...

Love the Christmas lights bokeh! And that quote... one of my favorites. I sometimes long for that simple joy.

Linnea said...

Ah the simplicity of it all. :)

Cassc said...

Of all of the LIW Books "Big Woods" is probably my favorites. So many of my own personal childhood memories are wrapped up in the reading of those pages (over and over and over!)

These words made my heart leap. Thanks for inspiring a little jog down memory lane.

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