Saturday, December 24

Christmas Eve...

All the little ones are tucked in to bed, dressed in their Christmas best. We'll wake them in a few hours to go to the midnight Divine Liturgy. There is a festal meal following and we are bringing submarine sandwiches!

This is the second year that we have had midnight Liturgy and I love it! It was something my father did in his church when I was a little girl. My mother would bring all of us home while my father finished up things at church and feed us subs at the dining room table. We would set out the tea tray and a plate of cookies for my father to nibble while he set out the gifts under the Christmas tree. Then, we would open stockings, have a breakfast feast, and presents in the morning before Vespers. Remembering all of that brings back such happy memories for me. I really like that we have carried that over into the traditions we have for our own little family.

What are your traditions on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

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