Saturday, December 10

Festal Learning Basket: Saint Lucy

Commemorated December 13th


Lucia, Saint of Light
Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story
Hanna's Christmas

Make a Saint Lucy Crown
String Twinkle Lights Around the House
Collect non-perishable foods to give to a food pantry


Please note that December 13th is also one of the feastdays of Saint Herman of Alaska. The learning basket that I created for him is here.


FrontierDreams said...

This is my favorite day of the year! I managed to pull off sewing dresses for both of my girls along with crowns (and a star boy hat for my son). My baby boy was named after Lucia so we truly want to celebrate this day!

flowersforTeacher said...

I saw this yesterday and thought it was cute to bookmark,


flowersforTeacher said...

Ooh, I just found these too:

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