Sunday, January 30

An Orthodox Kitchen...

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families, so it is natural that on feast days of the church year, special meals are often planned. Some feasts have dishes that appear on our table each year without fail: Irish Soda Bread on Saint Brigid's feastday, fresh fish and the first thin spears of asparagus on Palm Sunday, red eggs on Pascha, and Christmas Cauliflower on Nativity.

For several years, I have been interested in bringing the celebration of the feasts from the church to our home. Not having an Orthodox Christian source for festal recipes has been quite frustrating... especially since there are a lot of books, websites, and blogs that other churches have dedicated to recipes for their special feasts (namely the Roman Catholic Church).

The end of that frustration is here! The parishioners of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church have put together a wonderful collection of recipes and ideas for the feasts of the liturgical year in their cookbook, An Orthodox Kitchen. This cookbook is organized from The Church New Year on September 1st to The Dormition of the Mother of God on August 15th and boasts such delicacies as Saint Martin Horseshoes, Wood Fired Salmon, Vegan Gingerbread, Saint Basil's Day Bread, Lark Buns, Flaky Sweetheart Crescents, and Fisherman's Pie. YUM!

It is enormously helpful to have a cookbook at one's fingertips that offers delicious foods and also takes into account the fasting regulations of the Orthodox Church. I hope that each of you will consider adding this cookbook to your collection!

Order your copy of An Orthodox Kitchen today!


Michelle M. said...

I just ordered mine :)

MA F said...

I still have all our RC feast day recipe books on my shelf:) We always gave a copy of one to parents at their first babies baptism.

It was disappointing when we first became Orthodox to find a lack of books, we too were excited when it came out. We pre ordered it and have been really loving our copy! (and were able to give away a copy to a new mom :))

Your bread looks so tasty!
Hopefully our gluten free version will turn out on Tues. for dd's names day!

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