Tuesday, January 4

Living and Learning: January...

The Twelve Days of Christmas
St. Basil’s Day
Sanctity of Life Sunday
The New Martyrs of Russia

Take down Christmas décor
Re-arrange rooms a bit
Revamp winter menu plans
Clean car
Declutter and organize linens
Create a shopping list for needed linens
House blessing
Shampoo downstairs carpet
Christmas photo album
Update framed photographs around house
Update Button's baby book
Buy and fill out calendar/planner
Thank you notes
Wash all of the linens on each bed

Rolling from Back to Front
Switch Clothing to Six Months

12 Days of Christmas
The Nutcracker
Snowflakes and Snowmen

Prepare three warming meals a day - focusing especially on breakfasts
Begin baking bread again

Special Days
+Grandma Joyce (7th)
Poppy Chick (9th)
Grandfather James(11th)
Auntie Juliana (15th)
AA Milne’s birthday (18th)
Full Wolf Moon (19th)
Popcorn Day (19th)

Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services
Learning the Trisagion Prayers - "In the Name..., O Heavenly King, Holy God... Holy God 3x's"
The Sign of the Cross for Little Man
The Blessing of the Atlantic for Theophany
Tidying up Toys after Play
Clearing the Table after Meals
Nature Table Scene
Book Basket
Watercolor Pencils
Cut Snowflakes
Fold Window Stars
Make sculpty clay ornaments for gifts and decorations
Lacing Cards
Memory Game and Puzzles
Encourage imaginative play by not over-scheduling our days
Winter felt board
Inside Hide and seek
Feed birds
Polish wooden toys together


Matushka Anna said...

I need to make my own list for January. With the wedding this weekend I've kind of let routines slide. We've been so busy getting ready.

When we get back though, look out! (c;

Anonymous said...

I like your list:) I would love to see your nature table! Ours is only our second, and it's rather bare right now. My oldest (5) decided winter should be brown, so we have a brown drape and the candle holder. I'm thinking snowflakes? what else?

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