Friday, December 17

Friday's Feminine Tip: Homemaking and Mothering When You are Exhausted...

There are times when sleep isn't just going to happen (no matter what the reason) and tiredness can make simple activities like changing out of one's pajamas seem insurmountable! Here are some ideas to help rejuvenate and energize you on a difficult morning... at least until you can take a little nap!
  • Take a shower or a bath. Go all out and take your time shampooing and conditioning your hair, washing up with a sweet smelling soap, and even shaving. Feeling clean, smooth, and smelling fresh will go a long way in helping you feel good.
  • Dress in clothing that makes you feel your best.
  • Put on a little makeup and do your hair.
  • Tidy up your living space... make your bed, pick up your dirty clothes, and wipe the counters.
  • Eat healthfully and drink lots of water.
  • Keep your homemaking routine simple: A little laundry, keeping up with the dishes, and tidying up can work wonders.
  • Light a few candles and put out a vase of flowers.
  • Make a hot cup of tea and snuggle under a blanket with a good book while your little ones play nearby.
  • Sleep when the kids sleep or are having quiet time.
  • Stay home! Cancel shopping trips, library outings, and playdates... don't feel guilty at all!
  • Spend a little time in outside in fresh air.
  • Tackle a small project (like organizing a drawer) that will make you feel great when it is done
  • Utilize your crockpot or prepare simple recipes for healthy and filling foods that can be made quickly with minimal fuss.
  • Go to sleep early!
What are your tips for exhausted women?


Michelle M. said...

This is a great post! Recently, there have been days when I can hardly get through a few items on the list. But I definitely agree that putting in the effort to shower and get dressed does make a big difference. For me, it is having the kitchen and family room straightened up. If those rooms are clean, I feel much calmer. Thanks for posting this.

Aubri said...

Wonderful suggestions! I have to say if it weren't for coffee there are days I wouldn't have made it! I too feel much better if I get out of my PJs, get the children dressed and straighten up my kitchen. If I get a couple loads of laundry done, meals cooked and dishes washed I feel like I've had a great day!

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