Tuesday, November 30

Preparing for Nativity...

Grace recently posted her list of Advent Calendar Activities and I thought that it would be good to write down the things was we have planned (so I feel less overwhelmed and also so I can remember what we did this year, next year!). We don't do an Advent Calendar (though I would love to... when will they come up with a cute one for 40 days instead of 25?), but we do fun things through the month of December. Our family loves the 12 Days of Christmas and I plan to make that a special time for us again this year! I hope to post about that later in the month...

Without further ado, our list of Preparations for Nativity:

1. Put out the Christmas books
2. The Christmas Parade
3. Purchase this year's ornament frame
4. Little Man's Namesday
5. Order the baby's stocking
6. Saint Nicholas Day
7. Hang snowflake decorations from dining room chandelier
8. Create birdseed decorations for the tree in the front yard
9. Purchase a new Christmas book for our family collection
10. Gingerbread House Party at the local bookstore
11. Hang garland around front door
12. Little Man's birthday
13. Saint Lucia Day
14. Winter Wonderland of Lights Festival
15. Watch a Christmas movie as a family with popcorn and hot cocoa
16. Decorate the mantle
17. The Living Nativity
18. Hang winter wreath on front door
19. Plan Christmas menu
20. Hang stockings on the mantle
21. Put out Christmas and winter decorations
22. Bring home the Christmas tree and decorate it
23. Christmas Wrapping
24. Put out Nativity sets
25. Christmas Day!!


Fe said...

(sorry if this posts twice... I had a small glitch.)

Have you seen Dawn's Advent Calendar? She does a similar idea each year... It would scale to 40 days really easily:-)

Matushka Anna said...

What a good list. I'm always interested to see what everyone else is doing - it reminds me of things I might have forgotten. I have a new house to decorate for this year too so I don't know exactly how I'm going to do it.

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Carissa Anne said...


I saw your comment on The Return Home and decided to pop over... Such a sweet blog, I loved your paper bag village. I know what my son and I will be doing tomorrow! ;-)


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