Tuesday, November 16

Nativity Fast Cleaning List...

For the last few years I have tried to do a thorough cleaning of our house during the fasts of the Orthodox Church (Great Lent, Apostles Fast, Dormition Lent, and The Nativity Fast). I do this for several reasons: The first is that I don't like cleaning at all and do as little of it as I can... therefore, Lenten seasons seem like a good way for me to work on being more disciplined. Secondly, I find that with three little ones, the cleaning that I do complete each week is a little less thorough than it should be, so the house needs to be fluffed up every few months. Finally, I like to celebrate the important feasts that follow the fasts with a freshly cleaned and organized home.

In the past, I've used a very detailed list to help me go through the house and complete projects for the Feast that we are celebrating. For The Nativity Fast this year, I would like to do things a little more simply. Below you will find my very straightforward plan for deep cleaning the next few weeks. I am interested in seeing whether I prefer this uncomplicated method of planning or the more detailed version.

Week One: Bathrooms
Week Two: Bedrooms and Closets
Week Three: Living Room, Atelier (our learning room), and Dining Room
Week Four: Kitchen, Entrance, and Office
Week Five: Laundry Room, Steps, Upstairs Hallway, and Playroom
Week Six: Decorate for Christmas!


elizabeth said...

I would think three kids now that it would be hard to keep all things clean. Had to look up the word Atelier! LOL. best wishes.

Matushka Anna said...

That's kind of where I am too: seeing whether a simpler plan will work better than a highly detailed one.

Kh. Patty said...

Me too. The question is, does anyone actually DO the detailed plan? When I make one, it looks very nice, but do I do ANY of it? Most likely not. Most likely, it simply sits in my binder or on my calendar making me feel guilty about failing to do one more thing (or 80 more things).

MakeItMaple said...

"Cleaning your house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos"...lol...I try very hard to clean but it looks no different than if I dont.

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