Tuesday, August 31


Today is day four of fevers, croup, headaches, and coughing for our little ones. It is so sad to see them laying listlessly on the couch. We were planning on beginning school tomorrow, but I think that we may wait a few more days to get better. We are definitely going a little stir crazy... especially since we had our first taste of freedom to do whatever we wanted last week after months of bedrest, 40 days at home after the baby's birth, and then waiting for the little one to be baptized. Any tips for encouraging my little ones?


Matushka Anna said...

I'm so sorry everyone is sick. I hope the baby isn't..?

re: encouraging: maybe balloons? Low tech, light-weight, multicolored. When they bounce away, they're encouraged to get off the couch to get it...

(Our children usually get excited to see balloons, especially outside of the normal birthday situations.)

Sorry I'm not more helpful!

Emma said...

Poor babies, and poor Mama !
On days like that my 3 little ones and I find comfort in Popsicles (great for sour troths,and small appetite )
and audiotapes or DVD from the library if you have someone that can get some for you. My girls love when I draw paper dolls for them,and then they can make cloths. They all enjoy cutting out from old magazines or catalogs that are kid friendly.
Feel better soon, we will pray for you.
Emma in Norway

elizabeth said...

Oh no! yes, rest up for sure. hugs!

Gae said...

Prayer for you
What about blowing bubbles both in and out of the bath?
Audio books?
Making a cave under the table with chairs with 'cabin food' and pillows.
Hope all is well soon.

Pres. Kathy said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!!

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