Monday, August 23

Homeschooling for the 2010 School Year...

We are beginning the pre-school officially this year. It is a very exciting time for Sugar Plum! Here our the things that we will be working on two mornings a week this year:

Morning Circle (A variety of little things will be sampled during this time: recording the weather, singing, storytime, artist study, poetry study, music study, etc.)
Memorization of The Trisagion Prayers
Learning Basket Reading and Activities
Shape Identification
Counting by Rote
One to One Correlation in Counting
Pre-Writing Skills
Letter Recognition
Letter Sounds
Identification of the Beginning Sound of Words
Simple Rhyming

Materials We Will Be Using:
An Abundance of Children's Literature
Letters of Grace Orthodox Curriculum
Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K (Pre-School Workbook, Wooden Letters, Letter Cards, and Chalkboard)
My Book of Numbers 1-30
My Book of Number Games 1 - 70


Matushka said...

Love handwriting without tears. Both Katherine and Thea have good penmanship and I believe it's because they used that early on.

Blessed school year to you all!

Matushka Anna said...

I feel like I need to send Pickles over to your house!

Sounds like a great year ahead of you all.

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