Wednesday, August 25

Learning Basket: Seashore...

Crafts and Activities
Ocean Scene Painting: use blue, green, and white paint to create an ocean scene... add sandpaper for sand if you would like
Visit to the Beach to Splash in the Water and Play in the Sand
Seaside I Spy: "I spy a beach umbrella, I spy a kite, etc. Give more difficult clues to older children
Fish Bowl Puzzle (mainly for Little Man)
Magnetic Fishing Game

Stay tuned for next week's basket! The topic is The Circus!


MA F said...

If you use a thick paint instead of water color you can also sprinkle sand directly onto the wet paint and when it dries it will stick.

Looks like a fun week for you, we live too close to the beach to go as little as we do! I know what to do this weekend :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Oooh... we will try that!! Thanks for the tip!

Michelle M. said...

Do you own most of these books or do you get them from the Library?

MamaBirdEmma said...

For this particular basket, we own the books (mainly because we live by the ocean and when we find good ocean book and like it, I buy it). Most of the time though, we borrow from the library. We do have a lot of books though... I taught first grade for several years and built up a personal collection and my children's grandparents and godparents tend to buy the kids books (which I love!!).

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