Friday, February 12

Lenten Cleaning...

February 15th: Master Bathroom
February 16th: Master Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
February 17th: Family Closet
February 18th: Family Closet (Shelving for Linens)
February 19th: Dressers
February 20th: Saturday
February 21st: Sunday
February 22nd: Master Bedroom
February 23rd: Nursery Bathroom
February 24th: Laundry Room
February 25th: Toy Closet
February 26th: Nursery and Closet
February 27th: Saturday
February 28th: Sunday
March 1st: Hallway and Steps
March 2nd: Entrance
March 3rd: Loft and Guest Bedroom
March 4th: Living Room
March 5th: Craft Cupboard
March 6th: Saturday
March 7th: Sunday
March 8th: Playroom
March 9th: Dining Room
March 10th: Baseboards
March 11th: Glass Doors and Windows
March 12th: Kitchen Counters and Decor
March 13th: Saturday
March 14th: Sunday
March 15th: Pantry and Microwave
March 16th: Freezer and Refrigerator
March 17th: Stove and Oven
March 18th: Drawers and Cabinets
March 19th: Put Out Spring Decorations
March 20th: Saturday
March 21st: Sunday
March 22nd: Desk
March 23rd: Paschal Shopping (Clothing, Children's Paschal Baskets, Paschal Egg Hunt)
March 24th: Garage
March 25th: Front Porch and Deck
March 26th: Clean Car
March 27th: Saturday
March 28th: Sunday
March 29th: Back Porch
March 30th: Plan Paschal Clothing and Quick Clean of the House
March 31st: Paschal Baskets and Clean Garbage Cans
April 1st: Flowers for Hanging Baskets and Mulch Flower Beds
April 2nd: Launder Spring Bedding
April 3rd: Great and Holy Saturday
April 4th: Pascha!!

I'd love to see your spring cleaning plans if you have any!


Anonymous said...

I told you what an inspiration your list was to me last year.

We're all sick over here, so I'm going to work on my list today.

Mat. Emily said...

Thanks, Mary! I really enjoy this time of year... it will be interesting to see if I can actually put the spring bedding and plant flowers in time for Pascha this year. It comes so early!

Jenni said...

Oh I LOVE this idea. I never thought about this and I am definitely going to adopt it this year. Since we are moving starting on the 15th this will be a great way to get us settled and a great tradition to start in our new home.

PS I am new to your site and love it. I am also an Orthodox Christian. I grew up Catholic and only as an adult have become Orthodox Christian and am learning everything it means to be a wife in such a family. I'm loving it!

Ginger said...

What a nice tradition you have established for your home. I believe that keeping a home neat, clean, and smelling fresh is a great act of service and love to one's family~the ultimate commitment to loveliness.

Kate said...

Nice list! I don't usually start spring cleaning this early because it's still so cold and snowy outside. But I just love your list so much I might just adopt what I can of it!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am completely amazed--and inspired!

Heather said...

I will be donating 40 bags of things from my home in 40 days to practice "Holy Detachment." I love the chore list! I may try it as well!

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for posting this - I am also inspired! I might just have to copy this!

Carmen said...

I like this spring cleaning plan a lot! Thanks for posting this! :) Happy Spring Cleaning to you!

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