Friday, February 12

Lenten Cleaning...

February 15th: Master Bathroom
February 16th: Master Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
February 17th: Family Closet
February 18th: Family Closet (Shelving for Linens)
February 19th: Dressers
February 20th: Saturday
February 21st: Sunday
February 22nd: Master Bedroom
February 23rd: Nursery Bathroom
February 24th: Laundry Room
February 25th: Toy Closet
February 26th: Nursery and Closet
February 27th: Saturday
February 28th: Sunday
March 1st: Hallway and Steps
March 2nd: Entrance
March 3rd: Loft and Guest Bedroom
March 4th: Living Room
March 5th: Craft Cupboard
March 6th: Saturday
March 7th: Sunday
March 8th: Playroom
March 9th: Dining Room
March 10th: Baseboards
March 11th: Glass Doors and Windows
March 12th: Kitchen Counters and Decor
March 13th: Saturday
March 14th: Sunday
March 15th: Pantry and Microwave
March 16th: Freezer and Refrigerator
March 17th: Stove and Oven
March 18th: Drawers and Cabinets
March 19th: Put Out Spring Decorations
March 20th: Saturday
March 21st: Sunday
March 22nd: Desk
March 23rd: Paschal Shopping (Clothing, Children's Paschal Baskets, Paschal Egg Hunt)
March 24th: Garage
March 25th: Front Porch and Deck
March 26th: Clean Car
March 27th: Saturday
March 28th: Sunday
March 29th: Back Porch
March 30th: Plan Paschal Clothing and Quick Clean of the House
March 31st: Paschal Baskets and Clean Garbage Cans
April 1st: Flowers for Hanging Baskets and Mulch Flower Beds
April 2nd: Launder Spring Bedding
April 3rd: Great and Holy Saturday
April 4th: Pascha!!

I'd love to see your spring cleaning plans if you have any!


Anonymous said...

I told you what an inspiration your list was to me last year.

We're all sick over here, so I'm going to work on my list today.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thanks, Mary! I really enjoy this time of year... it will be interesting to see if I can actually put the spring bedding and plant flowers in time for Pascha this year. It comes so early!

Jenni said...

Oh I LOVE this idea. I never thought about this and I am definitely going to adopt it this year. Since we are moving starting on the 15th this will be a great way to get us settled and a great tradition to start in our new home.

PS I am new to your site and love it. I am also an Orthodox Christian. I grew up Catholic and only as an adult have become Orthodox Christian and am learning everything it means to be a wife in such a family. I'm loving it!

Ginger said...

What a nice tradition you have established for your home. I believe that keeping a home neat, clean, and smelling fresh is a great act of service and love to one's family~the ultimate commitment to loveliness.

Kate said...

Nice list! I don't usually start spring cleaning this early because it's still so cold and snowy outside. But I just love your list so much I might just adopt what I can of it!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am completely amazed--and inspired!

Heather said...

I will be donating 40 bags of things from my home in 40 days to practice "Holy Detachment." I love the chore list! I may try it as well!

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for posting this - I am also inspired! I might just have to copy this!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I like this spring cleaning plan a lot! Thanks for posting this! :) Happy Spring Cleaning to you!

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