Tuesday, December 22

Preparing for Nativity: Day Twenty- Two...

I am a little more than halfway done with the shopping... that doesn't sound great, but I feel okay about it (tomorrow is another day!). Our little ones were so good as we trekked hither and yon. It is starting to feel like Christmas!

Happy Birthday and Namesday, Auntie Anna! We love you!

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Matushka said...


I enjoyed reading the article you posted about the role of the priest's wife. I meant to leave a comment, but time got away from me. When Fr. Justin was ordained he and I were having dinner with Vladyka Dmitri, I asked him if he had any words of wisdom for me.

He laughed his gentle laugh and said actually I do: "Stay out of church business and take care of your husband. There will be lots of people who are eager to take care of church business but no one who will take care of your husband as you do-and he will need you."

These words have proven to be so very true and so very invaluable.

Much love to you and your family for the feast! Happy shopping! :)


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