Sunday, October 18

Test Your Knowledge of Angels - The Answers...

1. Angels? Who in their right mind believes in angels anymore?!?
a. those who know that things exist which cannot be seen by the human eye
b. those who believe the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments
c. those who have even some awareness of the spiritual world, including non-Christians
d. those who are possessed by demons
e. all of the above

Answer: e - all of the above.

2. True or False: According to the Holy Scriptures, there are 7 ranks of angels and 9 archangels.

Answer: False. There are 9 ranks of angels and many archangels, seven of which are known by name in Holy Scripture and Tradition.

3. The word “angel” means:
a. spirit
b. servant
c. messenger
d. holy one
e. none of the above

Answer: c - messenger

4. True or False: Angels can be present in two or more places at the same time because they don’t have physical bodies.

Answer: False. Angels are bound by time and space as are human beings.

5. The word “Satan” literally means:
a. father of lies
b. prince of the world
c. accuser or adversary
d. evil one
e. all of the above

Answer: c - Though all the descriptions apply, “Satan” literally means “accuser” or “adversary”.

6. True or False: Angels and demons, by their very nature as super-natural, highly intelligent spirits, not only know everything that has happened in the past, but can also read our thoughts and fore-tell the future.

Answer: False. Angels do not know everything in the past, cannot read our thoughts, and do not know the future, unless God informs them of this.

7. If an angel came to you and gave you a different teachings from what was already given by Jesus Christ, should you listen to him?

Answer: No. See Galatians 1:8 and the errors of Islam and Mormonism for instance.

8. True or False: When little children die, in heaven they become angels.

Answer: False. Though they may go to Heaven. Human beings do not become angels, nor angels become human beings.

9. True or False: God created Satan as a fallen angel so that man’s free will would be tested, having the option to follow God or follow the devil.

Answer: False. Everything God created was made good, including Satan, who was formerly an angel of light and willingly chose to dwell in darkness.

10. How many angels are there?
a. 144,000 angels, plus an unnumbered amount of demons
b. 99 angels, as indicated by the Lord’s parable about the 99 sheep that didn’t wander
c. somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000
d. innumerably more than the number of people ever created

Answer: d - Though there is no exact figure given in Holy Scripture or Tradition, the Church teaches that there are in-numerably more angels than human beings ever created.


Kimara said...

Thanks, Emma. I found this very interesting and realized I didn't know as much as I thought :) Just curious, do you have a favorite book about angels... other than the Bible ;)

Jana said...

7 = rude.

::Sylvia:: said...

Great post! I will be linking to you! All very true, maybe hard for some to accept but true nonetheless...

MamaBirdEmma said...

Jana, perhaps what you meant to say was 7 = politically incorrect, though from a Christian standpoint theologically sound.

MamaBirdEmma said...
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Jana said...

I enjoy your blog mostly because I like knowing what the home lives of different religions are like, and I think Orthodoxy is neat. When you do a post about your religion, there are sometimes people that tell you you are wrong. They are not always polite. I guess I'm just a little sensitive, because it seems like people have the impression that if I had really read the Bible, I'd agree with them. However, I have excellent reasons for everything I believe not contradicting the Bible. Which I have read multiple times. I imagine you get the same sort of frustration when people tell you that if you had REALLY read the Bible, you wouldn't believe that there is marriage in the afterlife, or wouldn't use icons. There are definitely passages in the Bible that would indicate to many that you are in error, but I know that you have really good, Biblical reasons for believing the things you do.

Alice and Ada said...

I have to disagree with #7, RUDE.

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