Sunday, October 25

Learning Basket: Leaves...

Flower Fairies of the Autumn (only one or two poems)
High Five October 2009
A Child's Calendar (only October pages)
A Tree for All Seasons
Why do Leaves Change Color? (above our little one's listening level, so I shorten the information in the book)
Circle of Seasons (Autumn pages only)
Out and About (Only Autumn pages)
Leaf Man


Leaf Rubbings!
Tree climbing - on the tree that Papa climbed as a little one!
Leaf Preserving in Beeswax

Sonlight Preschool 3/4 Books
I am a Bunny(20th Century Children's Book Treasury)
Thumbelina(Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales)
Whose Mouse are You?(20th Century Children's Book Treasury)


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