Thursday, October 1

Living and Learning for October..


Protection of the Mother of God

Saint Innocent

Saint Tikhon


Organize warm clothing

Create a new homemaking routine

Continue to establish good habits for learning

Conquer the dishes after every meal and snack

Fold laundry as soon as it is dry

Set up a new Reading Room

Tidy the yard

Find time for both children to enjoy one-on-one Mama/Papa dates

Hang window box and fill with mums

Read Alouds

26 Fairmont Avenue by Tomie DePaola


Squirrels and Nuts

Lois Elhert





Begin the habit of enjoying a nice snack together after nap time

Revive Baking Day, Cleaning Day, Playdate Day, etc.

Special Days

Full Harvest Moon – 4th

Fr John’s Namesday – 6th

5th Anniversary of our Engagement – 9th

8th Dating Anniversary -10th

Fr James’ Namesday – 22nd


Begin Redeeming the Time by praying The Hours with the children throughout the day


Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services

Singing – “Our Father”

The Sign of the Cross for Little Man

Setting and Clearing the Table

Tidying the floor after meals using the dust buster

Nature table scene and book basket

Visit the beach as much as possible

Visit the Pumpkin Farm

Go to Story Hour Weekly

Sign up for Messy Art at the Local Bookstore

Apple Picking

Carnival with Storybook Characters at the Local Bookstore

Pumpkin Day in Lieu of Halloween

Shopping for a costume for our dress-up box


Agenda ibu rumah tangga said...

how to teach my kid to practice being Still and quiet during Prayers and Services? he's always moving...

MamaBirdEmma said...

We'll probably be working on being still and quiet for the rest of our days, Yunie! There is never a time when they have been perfect, but they are still little!

Courtney said...

Looks like a great month ahead!

Susan Sophia said...

I always love your "living and learning" for the month! It is so inspiring. Maybe I've said this before but I really out to make a list like this!
I've often thought about reviving "Baking Day, Cleaning Day", etc. I love that idea but can't figure out how to make it work when each day needs to start with 3+ hours of learning.
My husband is a James' (brother of our Lord) but that is the 23rd. Is there a James on the 22nd or is that a typo?
Have a wonderful month of living and learning!

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