Saturday, October 10

Apple Picking!

We took a wagon ride to the apple orchards and passed the pumpkin patch on the way... we'll be going to the pumpkin farm on Thursday, so we didn't pick out any pumpkins today.

Here are some of the apple trees and the path that the wagon takes to drop people off to pick

Pink Ladies

More pumpkins and the dormant strawberry patch


We spent a little time at the petting zoo that was set up. My little ones loved the bunnies best of all, but also got a chance to meet a baby cow, a pony, and some chickens.

Some animals made from straw

Soybeans to play in... this reminded me how much I want to set up some kind of grain box for the little ones before it gets too cold!

My favorite part of the day... coming home to a hot cup of tea and a freshly made apple cider doughnut!


Michelle M. said...

Sounds and looks lovely. We were supposed to take our children to our local orchard yesterday evening, but since the have the Swine Flu, we are staying home for a while still. I am hoping they will be better by next weekend

GretchenJoanna said...

Isn't the soybean box the cleverest thing? And your doughnut photo would make anyone want to learn the doughnut craft.

Christine said...

The picture of the applesauce doughnut is, well... ~sigh~ wonderful!

Good memories for all and you get to go back for pumpkins!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, you must have had such a fun time! What a great looking day you had!

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