Wednesday, December 17

Preparing for Nativity: Days Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen...

Whew! Our whirlwind of mid-December visits is over! We had my sister arrive for an unexpected overnight a few hours after my mother-in-law left for home. As sad as I am to see our guests go, I am looking forward to getting back to the business of getting ready for Christmas!

I was able to accomplish quite a bit with my sister here! I mailed off the last of the packages to far-away friends and family, bought and wrapped gifts for family that we'll be unable to see (and sent the hefty bag home with my sister to dole out), took down the autumn garland and hung the winter one, arranged some wintery faux flowers to decorate the coffee table, and even got to visit!

These are the things that I'd like to accomplish before Sunday:
  • Catch up on my Nativity Cleaning List
  • Catch up on our Nativity Activity List
  • Clean the house (I've been accomplishing this by Wednesday lately, so I am quite behind! It is so tempting to just wait for Monday to roll around again!)
  • Evict the mouse in our house and disinfect the kitchen
  • Catch up on laundry (Fortunatly, I am nearly caught up on washing things... folding? Not so much!)
  • Buy the last two gifts on our list, get some stocking stuffers for DH, and black tights for our little girl
What have you fallen behind on?


Courtney said...

My list of handmade gifts is sooo far behind! I keep adding things and getting distracted (like by the felt board). I'm starting to panic a little. I really want to finish N's doll in time for the 25th, but it's looking less likely since the boys don't let me work during the day!

Jen said...

you're so good, Em! I have been so behind this year---just posted about it to my blog. And I forgot to mention there about finishing up Matt's mom's package and getting it into the mail. Sigh. Have to do some baking for her and get some photos printed so we can put them in her frame.....the list grows and grows.

As for cleaning--leave it till Monday! Yes, you can!

xoxo Jen

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