Tuesday, December 2

Preparing for Nativity: Day Two...

I tidied up the front closet this morning - specifically the shelves above the coats. They had become a dumping ground for all manner of things. Now I have some room to hide a few presents!

We took a walk to the pharmacy at the end of our street where they were selling these sweet little holly bushes. A perfect centerpiece for our table! Don't get too excited over the red berries. They are faux.

Last night I bagged all of the chocolate coins we'll need for our shoes and for church on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th). Don't forget the Saint Nicholas Center Website to help you get ready! It has tons of crafts, food ideas, stories, and book suggestions. We'll be trying this cookie recipe using a St. Nicholas cookie cutter (last one on page). We are also reading these stories to our children each night (with a few theological corrections:) ).

What Christmas preparations have you been doing?


Miss G said...

I just read the reviews for The Lion in the Box on Amazon and I am happy to say that my library has both that one and Christmas with Anne listed on their online catalog. I am so excited to get them and read them! Thanks!


Mimi said...

I ordered coins from Paieda Classics and books for the kids' shoes on Saturday morning.

Otherwise, I'm pretty non-prepared.

::Sylvia:: said...

How fun! We will be wrapping up some coins from Paidea Classics as well along with an orange, some coloring pages and a few extras in their shoes! Have a blessed St. Nicholas day! Be sure to post pics of the cookies!! Hope all is well!

Off Topic: We're doing an Orthodox Children's Christmas Swap on my blog if you're interested!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Your little tree is gorgeous! I've been busy sewing gifts and decorations with my baby, 14yo Elizabeth (Blossom). Next week we'll start on the baking.
You can see the sewing on my craft blog - www.elefantz.blogspot.com

Linda said...

We made a garland with paper 'christmas ornaments' with all 'Jesus names' written on it (like Emmanuel, the Word of God, the Lion of Juda, etc.)

I didn't realise there were other people (from other countries) celebrating st. Nicholas as well. In Holland, it's celebrated on december 5th, a national holiday..

We won't be celebrating though. In our country, st. Nick is accompanied by black slaves. You wouldn't believe it, but he actually is! Now, since my husband is from black-slave-ancestry.. that pretty much took away the fun for us.. I know, however that the REAL st. Nick hadn't got slaves, and it's only a Dutch invention.. other countries don't have them, right? (st nick comes by himself, right?)

Greetings from Holland!

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