Thursday, May 1

Our Paschal Baskets...

This is the third year that I've had a new basket to create (the first year was our first Pascha as a married couple, the second year was our daughter's first Pascha, and this year was our son's first Pascha!).

Here is our basket:

I kept the design the same again. I forgot to take pictures of it full, so you'll just have to imagine it brimming with different kinds of meat and cheese with a smattering of pretty colored eggs.

This is our daughter's basket:

I totally re-did the decorations on it because I thought that last year's version was too plain. It is still filled the way that it was on Pascha sans the hardboiled eggs.

Here is our son's basket:

It is totally new and though I filled it with candy and hardboiled eggs, since he's too young to enjoy food yet, he got some wooden rattles instead.

This is our Bunny Basket. We were given a bunch of little bunnies by different people this Pascha and so I gathered them all into a basket that our toddler loves to tote around... I think that I may do this every year and use it as a decoration!


Monica said...

Emma, your decorations are so tasteful. When do you give the kids their baskets? Are they there when they wake up Sunday morning? Or do you bring those to church also, to get blessed with the rest?


MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Monica!

I brought them with me to be blessed this year. Since we were gone from Sunday afternoon until Thursday afternoon, our daughter didn't get anything from her basket until tonight. I'm not sure what we will do when she's older (since she is nearly two, she really didn't "get" the whole idea. I think that next year, I will fill their baskets with small toys/books/and a bit of candy and give it to them to enjoy on the four hour ride to their grandparent's houses on Pascha. I think that it will be enjoyed by them - and by us!!

Courtney said...

The baskets came out beautifully! Glad you're back and had a safe trip.

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