Thursday, May 29

Our Birthday Weekend...

This weekend was BUSY! My husband thinks that our two-year-old's birthday will probably always be this way since it will fall on or around Memorial Day weekend (May 26th).

We kicked off our celebrating on Saturday when we had a neighborhood cookout. Our big girl got to dip her toes into the (freezing) pool water, chow down on a hot dog, and play with her new farm house (we gave it to her early since we were not going to be home on her actual birthday). The rest of the day was spent scurrying around in order to get everything ready for our trip to visit our families and St. Tikhon's.

We went to church in the morning and I was happy that we were able to host coffee hour (something I like to do in honor of the special days in our family). I served Sloppy Joe's (using my Grandma Judy's recipe) and we provided ice cream and toppings to make ice cream sundaes. The Sloppy Joe's were gone in about 60 seconds but there is enough ice cream to serve next Sunday. I am glad that we have a freezer at the new church!

Once coffee hour was over and the church was cleaned up, we set off for my parent's house with a few church friends in tow (they were going to the pilgrimage for the first time!). My parents were hosting a birthday party for my sister Katharine (21 on the 20th of June) and our little one. we had a great time at the BBQ enjoying our family and friends and eating delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, cup cakes and black midnight cake with cream cheese frosting (thank you, Mama!). Our little one was positively spoiled with gifts from our family!

After the party, we headed over to my father-in-law's home and went right to bed. We were back on the road at 7 am so that we could make it to Liturgy at Saint Tikhon's. After Liturgy, we ate a picnic lunch, strolled around, visited the museum, and bookstore (we got some GREAT books!), and just really enjoyed ourselves. Even though it was crowded, we were able to talk to and get blessings from Metropolitan Herman and Bishop Tikhon (our spiritual father). At about 4pm, we started the trek back to my father-in-law's house while our friends headed back home so that they could go in to work on Tuesday.

Once we were home, we were finally able to spend a little time relaxing and enjoying our little one's birthday! We had pizza and fruit tart (not something I would have thought to get, but it was delicious!) and got to open presents. In addition to the farm house and fence, we gave her a sling (that I made with help from my sister!!) for her doll, hair clips, a bracelet, and two books. Once all of our partying was over, it was bedtime. I think that this is one of the first times that I have put my children onto the bed awake, turned away for 10 seconds, and found that that they were sound asleep by the time I came back! It was wonderful... especially since I was exhausted too!

I woke up on Tuesday morning to a nice spring rain and I ran out with the baby to get a dozen bagels ( they were so fresh that they were still warm) to go with our breakfast of eggs and bacon. We started out for home at about 1pm (a lot later than usual) and returned at dinnertime.

Though we've been home for two days already, I feel like I am still catching up from the trip. Tuesday evening was spent unpacking, Wednesday was taken up by laundry and errands, and today I cleaned the upstairs. I am aiming to clean the downstairs tomorrow so that we can be back on track for the weekend. We'll see what actually happens.


Mimi said...

That sounds like a lovely busy weekend!

::Sylvia:: said...

what a special weekend...I'm sure she had a wonderful birthday! Many years to your sister as well!

Elizabeth G. said...

I'm glad that you little family had so much fun over the holiday weekend. I hope your daughter enjoys her sling and farmhouse..

Take care,


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