Monday, May 12

Music to Cheer Us On While We're Cleaning...

Happy Working Song

All right everyone, time to tidy things up

Come my little friends
As we all sing a happy little working song
Merry little voices clear and strong
Come and roll your sleeves up
So that we can pitch in
Cleaning crud up in the kitchen
As we sing along

And you’ll trill a cheery tune in the tub
As we scrub a stubborn mildew stain
Lug a hairball from the shower drain
To the gay refrain
Of a happy working song

We’ll keep singing without fail
Otherwise we’d spoil it
Hosing down the garbage pail
And scrubbing up the toilet

How we all enjoy letting loose with a little
While we’re emptying the vacu-um
It’s such fun to hum
A happy working song
A happy working song

Oh, how strange a place to be
Till Edward comes for me
My heart is sighing
Still, as long as I am here
I guess a new experience
Could be worth trying
Hey! Keep drying!

You could do a lot when you got
Such a happy little tune to hum
While you’re sponging up the soapy scum
We adore each filthy chore
That we determine
So friends even though you’re vermin
We’re a happy working song

Singing as we fetch the detergent box
Or the smelly shirts and the stinky socks
Sing along
If you cannot sing then hum along
As we’re finishing our happy working song!

Ah...wasn’t this fun?


Elizabeth said...

Wow, thanks. I enjoyed this very much!

Anonymous said...

I chuckle because, when I viewed the movie I thought the same thing about the song. How neat it would be to have this song humming in our heads as we go about our home keeping. Thanks for typing out the words to it.

Unknown said...

Well that certainly is cheery. Thanks for the lyrics!

Linda said...

Hilarious! Thank you. Of course this does not exactly jibe with the actual presence of these adorable critters in our house--but it's nice to dream!

Mimi said...

You know some girls have the charm.
The Enchanted Girl sings and critters clean her apartment. Mary Poppins sings, and items hop into their places and drawers open and close by themelves. Snow White sings, and the birds come to serenade her while she sweeps.

Hmm, why doesn't that happen when I sing?

This was cute and cheerful, though.
Thanks for sharing.

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