Friday, October 20

Sasha and the Dragon

One of the latest offerings from Ancient Faith Publishing is a new book for children called Sasha and the Dragon, beautifully written by Laura E. Wolf with stunning illustrations by Nicholas Malara.  It is the story of Sasha, a little boy feeling lost and afraid amid big changes:  a new home in a new country full of strangers, a Baba who is suddenly bedridden , and, worst of all, a frightening dragon under his bed.

Wolfe tells Sasha's story in a way that every child can relate to.  Her language perfectly conveys Sasha's fears and his courage in facing them with the help of Saint Michael the Archangel. The illustrations in this book are charged with emotion and Malara's use of light and dark complements this tale in a magical way.

I could not have received Sasha and the Dragon at a better time in our children's life.  Our little 'Sasha' had been having his own fears and this book was instrumental in helping him face these dragons through the intersessions of Archangel Michael.  

Thank you for adding another gem to our children's library, Ancient Faith!

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