Monday, October 2

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

In My Knitting Basket
I am slowly but surely working on my second grey Amelie Sock.  My sister will be visiting next week and I am determined to have the pair completed by then so that I can work on a new project while she's here.

Porldark is back!

On My bedside Table 
I am firmly entrenched in the Miss Read section of my bookcase.  I whipped through Village Diary and Winter in Thrush Green.  Next up is News from Thrush Green.

Kitchen and Pantry
We have a drawer full of apples from our visit to the orchard a week or so ago.  I am longing to make a loaf of Apple Bread this week.  I clipped the recipe from The Wall Street Journal a few years ago and it has become an autumn favorite!

I have been a fan of Jennifer Scott for years, but I have been very impressed with her recent videos.  She's tackled some hot topics lately, encouraged me to try a few new things, and has launched a very affordable e-course.  She is traveling around Europe with her family right now and the footage and photographs that she has shared are breathtaking. 

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Poldark...yes!!! I am so excited to finish the episode. I always enjoy my visits here!

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