Sunday, November 20

Sunday Feasting


Today was my brother-in-law's namesday, so we had his family and my mother-in-law over for dinner.  I baked some salmon and sweet potatoes and made a huge tossed salad.  It was the first time I baked salmon (normally I used a skillet and cook it on the stove top) and I have to say that it was the simplest and best preparation of fish I have ever made.  I followed the cooking instructions I found on Food Network (though I used soy sauce, black pepper, and a bit of brown sugar to season it).  The fish was finished all at once rather than in batches and it was all cooked perfectly evenly.  Sugar Plum made a beautiful vegan chocolate cake for dessert.  It tasted so delicious  and was a huge hit with everyone.  Happily there is a smidge left to enjoy with tea tomorrow.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?   

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elizabeth said...

how nice!!!! that's just lovely! Have you ever tried baking the salmon individually wrapped in tin foil? An older lady (with much Canadian-British class) taught me how to do this and the salmon, unless it is severely over-baked, will be moist, flavourful and delicious! (here's a table setting when I did it years ago in Ottawa, but I have done it in NJ on many occasions: Wish you were closer, I would love to make it for you! :)

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