Wednesday, November 30

On the Last Day of November


Our crape myrtle is nearly devoid of leaves now.  When we were working hard to get our occupation on the church property nearly five years ago, we were required to plant some trees.  Father and I chose four crape myrtles and four thundercloud plums.  The crape myrtles are the gift that just keeps on giving.  They flower in mid-summer and the blooms last for weeks and weeks through the hottest days of summer when everything fades in the strong sun.  Then, in the autumn the leaves are a riot of color from October through November.  

My little girl is knitting a spotted Jack Russell dog for her brother's upcoming namesday.  In order to complete the project, Auntie Kate needed to teach her a new skill called "intarsia," which is something neither Kate nor I have ever done.  I'm amazed and impressed by how quickly Sugar Plum is able to pick these skills up.

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Anonymous said...

I am also impressed at Sugar Plum's knitting ability!

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