Tuesday, November 22

On the Eve of Our Thanksgiving Holiday

Today was the last day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday and we are all ready to take a break!  After our schoolwork was finished each day this week, we spent hours outside in the cold, autumn air.  Our evenings have been spent in front of the fire reading our huge stack of Thanksgiving books.  Tonight, I remembered that I saw "Molly's Pilgrim" when I was a little girl and was happy to find it on YouTube to watch with our children before bedtime.  I cried my eyes out, but it is a beautiful little film with a lot to teach. 

I've been really enjoying this beautiful lace that my sister and brother-in-law brought us back from their trip to Italy as a thank you for watching sweet Sampson last month.  It looks so wonderful on our dresser and I love walking into our room and spotting it.  It's really a stunning piece and I  am so thankful that my sister thought to bring it back for us!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Gorgeous lace! And that little film made me cry. Such a sweet story.

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