Monday, November 2

Thanksgiving, No. 1


The Monday after a big weekend (plus, Daylight Savings Time!) is always a rough one.  We anticipated a quiet day, but since I had a bad headache, it was even more low-key than we had planned (fortunately, it is gone now).  I was very thankful that we had lots of leftovers to enjoy for an easy lunch and dinner while I was feeling poorly...  one of the many benefits of all the work that hosting a large group is the abundant food for the week's meals!  

P.S.  I wanted to mention that after seeing a few photographs of the pumpkins people carved on Instagram on Friday and Saturday nights, I decided to cut the top off my Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good in a pointy sunshine design.  It was a lot easier to cut than a circle and the interesting design made a nice visual impact!  

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

it's a lovely pumpkin; glad you feel better; love and prayers.

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