Friday, May 22

Living and Learning: This Week...

Living Well
For years, the only jam that I have purchased has been Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves.  We enjoy it on our toast and biscuits, with our peanut butter in sandwiches, and the occasional dollop in a dish of yogurt.  I have always saved the jars because they seem so beautiful and useful, but other than storing spices and herbs in them, had no idea what to do with my stockpile.  Not too long ago, I started seeing similar jars being used as candle holders and drinking glasses and decided to try using them as everyday cups.  We like them so much that I don't think that I will have any need to buy glasses again!  They are sturdy and stout (which makes them unlikely to tip) and hold jut the right amount of liquid (less waste).   

After waiting nearly a month for Among the Madding Crowd to hit theaters nationwide (it was in limited release on May 1st), I am finally going to be able to see what looks to be an amazing film (based on a Thomas Hardy novel) this evening.  Have a look at the trailer: 

My sister is heading here for a little visit this coming week and we are hoping to make our daughters a few skirts for the summer.  I've not sewed much in my life (the odd button, Miss Maggie Rabbit), but am exited to learn something new.  We've reached the stage when pretty skirts below the knee are a bit difficult to find for Sugar Plum, so being able to whip something up quickly would certainly be a wonderful skill to possess.

I've just begun Love, Work, and Children, which is the second book of a trilogy detailing life in Morningside Heights.  Cheryl Mendelson, who's work has been compared to Austen and Tolstoy, covers such an interesting array of topics that I am hard-pressed to think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy reading her books.

In Season
Today was the first harvesting day for our little herb garden.  We were able to fill a jam jar with basil, parsley, thyme, and dill and even had a tiny handful of rosemary to round things out.  I'm dreaming of potato salad with dill and pesto with the basil.  Do you have any good warm weather recipes for the thyme and rosemary?  All I can think of is roasted chicken and stuffing.


Mrs. Cote said...

Thyme and rosemary are really good in a balsamic vinaigrette to marinate chicken, tofu, or portobello mushrooms. All very delicious grilled too!


MA F said...

Ah we love those jars, we have several of them with dice..we have lots ha! Hmmm... pencils, pens, erasers, staples all kinds of art supplies, they are good for using for water coloring as well. We pack snacks in them too in our little baskets for picnics.

We blend those herbs chopped fine with butter and serve with little boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes.
Oh yum!

Mimi said...

I wish you lived closer, I'd be happy to teach you to make jam :)
Ohhh, can't wait to see the skirt, how fun!

Mimi said...

I wish you lived closer, I'd be happy to teach you to make jam :)
Ohhh, can't wait to see the skirt, how fun!

The Snyders said...

Thank you so much for the movie tip. I think my daughter and I will catch it this holiday weekend.

I want to thank you for your lovely blog! Yours is the last blog I check in the morning because I want the warm feelings I get to be the ones that I carry with me throughout my day.

Your authentic voice is refreshing.


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