Friday, May 15

Living and Learning: This Week...

Church in the Home
This coming Thursday is Ascension.  We'll be reading The Ascension of Our Lord and Jesus Ascends into Heaven (The Children's Bible Reader, Pages 267).  I think that it would also be nice to go to the beach for a bonfire and some cloud watching in the late afternoon, weather permitting.  I found some little lanterns at Target today and will be using them for our festal centerpiece.  They will also be wonderful for future ambles through the woods at twilight with the trio...  especially in November for the feast of Saint Martin.

I bought a few different potted herbs the other day and popped them into a large planter in our little garden outside the dining room.  I'm not ready for full-fledged gardening yet, so this little herb garden is just my speed.    

Film and Television
The kidlets have been watching episodes of Babar on YouTube this week.  We watched it many moons ago and are happy to be enjoying it again.

Kitchen, Pantry, and Table
I exclusively use the Joy of Cooking pancake recipe, which makes fluffy, golden pancakes with an amazing buttery vanilla flavor.  We eat them all year-round and instead of buying quarts of buttermilk, just use a tablespoon of white vinegar per cup of milk (we use whole).  They are especially tasty when eaten in the early morning sunlight out-of-doors.

Hair forks have been my go-to hair accessory for months now (teak and horn) .  With the weather warming up, I've been checking out new hairstyles on Pintrest...  I really want to master The Gibson Tuck!

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Bright Sky Mom said...

I pinned the Gibson tuck. I have hair long enough to do it, but do I have the patience? :)
Eating pancakes outdoors for breakfast sounds like a great way to start the day!

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