Friday, May 15



We are starting to finish our school year:  workbooks are getting wrapped up, our bi-annual homeschool review is scheduled, and we are getting spring fever.  I am totally counting pressing flowers, wondering about bumblebees (and reading a book about them), and afternoon quiet time listening to The Hobbit as legitimate school activities (once our math and language arts are finished for the day, of course!).  

Father John had a little work to do out of the house today, so we tagged along and ended up eating ice cream for dinner at his suggestion.  There is just one more week of the Paschal season left.  If there is one thing you should know about Orthodox Christians it is that we  know how to fast, but we really know how to feast!


elizabeth said...

Yep! one does not know how to feast until one fasts and then the feasts are richer!!! I had ice cream cone for the same reason!!! :))))

MA F said...

Anything Tolkien always counts as legitimate learning!

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