Friday, June 27

Sitting in the Sand...


It was gray for most of the day.  After the boys and I dropped Sugar Plum off at art camp, we went to the store and bought a few things:  a new cord for my phone, lettuce, a cucumber, one yellow watermelon, some salad dressing, and three $1 nets to catch little creatures with.  They are a big hit!

Sugar Plum finished up art camp this afternoon with an art show and recital.  She played Mary Had a Little Lamb on the violin with five or six other children and their teacher, Miss Monika.  She really enjoyed her first exposure to the violin and so we're hoping to start official lessons in late July.

We went to the beach for the third time this week to try out the new nets after the recital.  I had my Blossom Tee knitting with me and we had a little beach all to ourselves.  It was really the perfect day to sit in the sand...  the sky cleared up on the way and was just the perfect shade of blue.  It set off the golden fields of winter wheat that the farmers are harvesting now and the bright green corn plants that we pass on the way just perfectly.  

It is so hard to believe that June is ending in just a few days.  The month really sped by!

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