Thursday, June 5

Living and Learning: June...

All Saints of America

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
Saints Peter and Paul

Brainstorm summery meal ideas

Straighten up the attic
Sort through baby boy clothing for our new little nephew (due in September)
Take a class in Essential Oils
Purchase bathing suits and organize towels, water toys, and sunblock
Visit a Farmer’s Market Weekly
Begin Planning for Next Year's Homeschooling (3rd Grade and First Grade)
Organize the Master Closet
Make Up the Beds with Spring Bedding
Take Stock of the Dishes and Replenish as Needed

Prepare for summer camp
Finish Seashore Cowl
Begin Nimbus

Read Jane Eyre

Seashells American Flag Summer Boats

Special Days
Uncle Gregory and Auntie Danyella - 2nd
Courtney and Vincent - 4th
Auntie Danyella - 4th
Button - 6th
9 Years of Marriage - 12th

Full Strawberry Moon - 13th
Uncle Jay - 14th

Nissa  -14th
Flag Day - 14th

Father's Day - 15th
Aunt Sarah - 19th
Auntie Kate - 20th

Gabby - 24th
Michael - 29th

Practice Patience and Love toward one another
Singing – O Heavenly King
Practice cleaning the bathrooms together
Practice sweeping
Festal Learning Basket for Pentecost
Tidy bedrooms each morning 
Put Out a Flag on Flag Day
Go Through Picture Books and Pull Out Old Favorites to Read
Read Paddington books
Nature Table Scene
Book Basket
Sidewalk Chalk
Visit the Beach several times a week (before the crowds!)
Snap!  (Card Game)
Catch Fireflies
Begin replenishing nature guides (Butterflies, Bugs, Shells, and Birds)
Sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the Library
Begin going to Outdoor Concerts and Shows

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