Thursday, August 1

Living and Learning: August...

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Serve meals outside
Visit farmer's market frequently
Buy Bigger Hangers for Sugar Plum
Organize Family Closet
Plan for Upcoming School Year
Order Second Grade and Kindergarten Schoolbooks
Purchase School Supplies
Continue Good Homemaking Habits
Begin Knitting on the Shale Baby Blanket
Print a Photo Book of Our Wedding
Read The Shell Seekers
Replenish Everyone's Undergarments and Pajamas

Learning Basket Themes
Read Alouds
Read the Nurse Matilda books

Spend More Time Singing and Reciting Nursery Rhymes with the Children

Special Days
Six Years at Christ the Savior -1st
Oksana - 13th
Full Corn Moon - 2oth
Courtney - 22nd

Practice patience and love towards one another   Learn a new Blessing for Meals without a Priest Present   Learn The Sign of the Cross for Button
Tidy bedrooms each morning    
Tidy the playroom each afternoon
Put Away Own Laundry
Enjoy the Summer Book Basket
Nature Table Scene
Visit the Beach several times in the Evenings
Learning Basket for Transfiguration
Prepare baskets of grapes for Transfiguration
Learning Basket for Saint Herman
Learning Basket for Dormition
Purchase flowers to be blessed on Dormition
Go to the Movie Theater
Attend a few performances/concerts before summer is over
Look for Toads and Frogs
Catch Bugs
Take Morning Walks Before it Gets too Hot
Afternoon Waterplay - hose, pool, sprinkler, etc.
Have picnics Watch Thunder and Lightning storms Boardwalk rides!

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