Saturday, August 17


I tried to make plum clafoutis today and it was not good.  All was not lost though, because I made another batch of that delicious pulled pork and Grandmother Hawkin's coleslaw to eat after church tonight.  I can't wait!

Some things:

::  Katherine's new blog

::  April Cornell's autumn nightgowns.  I have my eye on the Simplicity Ladies Nighty and my little girl is hoping for the Megan Girls Dress 

::  We have several smaller Bolga baskets already, but I am thinking that a very large one would make a great laundry basket.  Currently I take a large armful of clean clothes and run/walk them through the house back to my bed (reverse that for dirty ones) and my children trail behind me scooping up items that I drop.  It's not really working, but for eight years I have looked for a well made wicker laundry basket with no luck.  I also like the wheeled ones from Pottery Barn, but I can see things going very badly with three little ones and an expensive wheeled cart!

::  I can't believe that it has been a week since my baby sister's wedding! 


elizabeth said...

bummer about the plums; I guess we don't hit 100% all the time.

yay for Katherine's blog! thanks for letting us know.

have a blessed weekend.

We have packed our fruit for the blessing on Monday! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah. You made me smile. (I've missed you.)

Love that nightgown. Beautiful!

karen said...

I haven't worn a nightgown in decades but I love how feminine and lacy the one you like is. Bummer about the plum recipe. Maybe next time???

Anna said...

love the Megan, all my girls have one and they get a lot of use!

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