Sunday, January 6

Twelve Drummers Drumming...

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas we celebrate the feast of Theophany

1.  Read (or retell) pages 38 and 39 in Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Read any other books your family may have on Theophany. 

2.  Place an Icon of the feast of Theophany in a prominent place.  It would be nice to add one to the centerpiece on the dining room table, on your feastday table, or in the icon corner

3. Serve the same special meal you had for Christmas Dinner

4.  Present your little ones with a small gift in honor of the final night of Christmas

5. Host a Twelfth Night Party and enjoy a party with delectable foods, special treats, games, and Christmas music. *


Using Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas  as a framework, I am going to plan little activities and readings for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Because of family obligations (we have two family parties back-to-back these next two days) and church events (Metropolitan Tikhon is visiting our parish this coming weekend!), we will not get to everything.  However, it will  be nice to refer to these Christmas Learning Baskets in future years.  Also, I would love to hear your suggestions for things to add...  this is a work in progress!

*Idea taken from Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas

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Mat. Anna said...

Hey...looks like you had Dutch Babies for supper! (One of our favorites.)

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