Monday, February 27

Lenten Cleaning: Week One...


Clean Sinks
Clean Toilets
Clean Showers and Bathtubs
Clean Windows and Mirrors
Clean Soap Dispensers, Soap Dishes, and Knickknacks
Clean and Cull Bath Toys
Sweep and Wash the Floors
Organize Drawers and Cabinets
Organize Linen Closet
Toss Garbage
Make Donation of Unwanted Items to Goodwill
Purchase Any Needed Items


Kate said...

I've been culling, too. Cleaning hasn't gone so well since I've spent most of Lent either away from home, or having to repair unexpected broken things in the home.

Nancy Ann said...

I think I will use your list for myself if you don't mind!! :)

If you could say a prayer for me today Mat. Emily I would appreciate it. I am having a really hard time this lent with various things emotional, spiritual and physical.

Thank you

MamaBirdEmma said...

I will definitely pray for you, Nancy! I hope that things get better.

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