Wednesday, February 22

Festal Learning Basket: Great Lent...

Lenten Calendar in Our Dining Room

From I-ville to You-ville
Jesus: His Life in Verses from the King James Bible
Christ Has Risen, Children!
The Tale of the Three Trees
The Children's Bible Reader

Create a Lenten Calendar (I was inspired by this one. I bought two vines from Michael's and hung them over windows in our dining room. Each day, we'll add a butterfly to the calendar and by Pascha, we'll have a beautiful vine full of butterflies to enjoy! )

Learn a prayer by heart

Take a trip to the market to pick out favorite non-perishable foods to give to the food pantry (by placing one item into a basket each day and then emptying the basket in our church's food pantry box each Sunday before Liturgy)

Keep a coin jar in a prominent place in your home to collect money for the poor (some parishes also give out little boxes to collect coins with)

Limit media and entertainment

Use the magnetic Doors of Repentance Calendar and study guide each day


Maria said...

I really like your butterfly calendar idea. What will you be using for butterflies?

MamaBirdEmma said...

I found them in the floral section of the craft store. Ours are from Hobby Lobby (they had the best price).

mamajuliana said...

I am heading to Hobby Lobby this afternoon! Thank you so much for the great idea~

elizabeth said...

Love that! I so want to have a butterfly mantle... but I don't have a mantle! :) maybe someday! :)

blessed rest of cheesefare week!

Kate said...

I know you've used Handwriting Without Tears for your wee one. Could you tell me if having the teacher's book is worth having or if it is pretty much a waste of money? Thank you!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I haven't really used it much this year, but I think that is because I used the pre-k one to learn the language that they use in HWT. Once you have that down, I don't think that you need all of the teacher books.

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