Wednesday, June 22

Good Things...

Five Good Things About Today:

:: A Sunflower Stall on the Side of the Road - 3 for a Dollar!

:: Freshly Trimmed Bangs

:: Fajitas for Lunch

:: Mrs. Pig Gets Cross and Other Stories in the Library Bag

:: A Shoelace Strung with Wooden Spools Entertaining a Teething Babeshki

What are some good things in your life?


elizabeth said...

what a beautiful flower picture!

Good in my life -

*new small icon of the Theotokos given as a gift at the Greek monastery

*blog friends :)

*books on interviews from the public library

*My Cat Cleo who forgave me quickly when I accidentally locked her in my bedroom when doing an errand (opps)

*God's mercy

MamaBirdEmma said...

What a great list, Elizabeth! Thank you for the compliment on my photo!

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