Wednesday, June 1

Festal Learning Basket: Ascension...

The Ascension of Our Lord
Jesus Ascends into Heaven (The Children's Bible Reader, Pages 267)

Set up a Feastday Shelf
Fly a Kite
Picnic on a Hill
Wear the Color White
Go Cloud Watching
Use recipes for the feast of The Ascension from An Orthodox Kitchen
Add a vase of flowers to the icon corner and/or feast day table
Set out an icon of The Ascension
Color an icon of The Ascension
Sing the Festal Troparion Before Meals
Look for Icons depicting The Ascension in church
Listen to the Audio of The Ascension of Our Lord


Going Up, Up, Up into Heaven

Going up, up, up into heaven
Going up, up, up into heaven
Gonna ride that cloud on up to heaven
From the Mount of Olives
He’s going up to heaven.

from Gigi Shadid’s CD, Celebrate the Feasts


elizabeth said...

happy feast!!

Mimi said...

A blessed Feast!

Genie Elizabeth said...

What is a feastday shelf?

MamaBirdEmma said...

A feast day shelf is just where we display the feast's icon, books, rtc. It is low to the ground so our children can reach it. You can see it in the picture!

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